A young girl in a blue shirt holds her hand behind her ear in a listening position, representing ear tubes and adenoid removal.

When Do We Recommend Combining Ear Tube Placement and Adenoid Removal?

If you’re trying to determine the best solution for your child’s chronic ear infections, having your ENT perform an adenoidectomy and ear tube placement simultaneously could be your best bet. Although the thought of any extra surgery may make you…

A little girl with chronic nose bleeds needs to get her nose cauterized, but for now has her nose wiped off by her mother.

3 Types of Nose Cautery for Epistaxis Explained

If you (or your child) have ever experienced a nosebleed, you know they’re no fun — and can even be frightening. About 60% of people have experienced a nosebleed (also called epistaxis), but only 10% of those are severe enough…

A woman touches her neck in the general location of her parotid gland.

Superficial vs. Total Parotidectomy: What to Expect

If you’ve discovered an abnormal mass in your parotid gland, your ENT may have recommended a superficial or total parotidectomy. We’re aware that the mere mention of surgery can be distressing, but knowing what to expect can help. Below, we’ll…

A teenager has a bandage taped over top of her nasal fracture because she just had a closed reduction procedure done.

Closed Reduction of a Nasal Fracture: In Office or Outpatient?

If you have a broken nose (also called a nasal fracture), you probably want it fixed quickly. An injury like this can make breathing difficult, keep you from going about your normal routine, and even affect your appearance in the…

A man holds his neck where his submandibular gland is located before getting a submandibular gland excision.

What to Expect Before and After Submandibular Gland Excision

Saliva probably isn’t something you think about too often, but your salivary glands work hard every day to ensure you have enough of it. One of these hard-working glands is called the submandibular gland. Unfortunately, things can sometimes go awry…

A dark-haired woman looks upwards a she’s about to receive a Botox treatment to help with her teeth grinding.

Can You Really Use Botox for Teeth Grinding?

Botox’s popularity came about in large part due to its reputation as a highly effective treatment for wrinkles. And while it’s certainly effective against these signs of aging, Botox has several uses beyond the cosmetic as well. Botox has been…

A profile shot of a woman palpating her throat before getting an excision biopsy of her lymph nodes.

Excision Biopsy of a Lymph Node: Everything You Need to Know 

If you’ve had an enlarged lymph node for some time and it’s not responding to antibiotics or steroids, it may be time to investigate the issue further. In this case, we might recommend something called an excision biopsy of the…

A baby smiles with his tongue out after his parents had a frenotomy performed to fix his tongue tie.

The Complete Guide to Tongue Ties and Frenotomy: What Every Parent Should Know

Welcoming a baby into the world is an incredible experience. But finding out your sweet new baby has a tongue tie can quickly send any parent into a whirlwind of stress and anxiety. Fortunately, in most cases, a doctor can…

A woman pinches her forehead, showing that she needs Botox for her prominent forehead wrinkles.

Does Botox Work for Forehead Wrinkles and Should You Get It?

You’ve tried everything. Every anti-aging serum you can get your hands on promises to erase those pesky forehead wrinkles, but they never deliver. Are you stuck with them forever? Though forehead wrinkles are a normal sign of aging, that doesn’t…

A girl gets an eyebrow lift with botox to combat the look of aging.

How Effective Is an Eyebrow Lift With Botox?

As we get older, it’s normal to see more visible signs of aging. For instance, you might develop fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead and around your eyes, or your brow may appear to droop a little more than…

A woman who needs a parathyroid exploration procedure holds her throat between her hands.

Parathyroid Exploration: From Surgery Prep to Recovery 

Symptoms like weak bones, kidney stones, joint pain, and mental fog can make it very difficult to thrive in daily life. Few people realize an overactive parathyroid gland may be the culprit. If you have one or more overactive parathyroid…

A close-up shot of a patient’s ear that has a ruptured eardrum representing paper patch vs. myringoplasty procedures.

Tympanoplasty vs. Myringoplasty vs. TM Patch: Differences Explained

In many cases, a perforated eardrum will heal on its own. But if yours doesn’t, you may need surgery to repair the damage to protect your middle ear and improve your hearing. A tympanoplasty, myringoplasty, and TM patch (also called…

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