Why You Experience Vertigo & How to Know if You Need an ENT

Feeling the dizzy experience of vertigo can quickly have you reaching for the phone to call your doctor, ENT, or anyone who can help you regain your sense of stability again! But before you call, you may want to consider…

how to clean your ears

Ask a Doctor: How Can You Safely Clean Your Ears in a Post Q-Tip World?

Medical professionals are known for their advice – and most of it doesn't involve Q-tips. But as an Audiologist, the best and most universal advice I give is this: Do everything you can to protect your hearing. With many types…

humming in ear

Humming in Your Ears? Here Are The Four Main Types of Tinnitus

Imagine a bee buzzes in your ear for an entire day. This humming in the ear keeps you turning to see if anything is there, fidgeting with your ear, and struggling to pay attention to the world around you. Does…


4 Signs You Need to See an Audiologist

You can hear, but you can’t understand words clearly. You wonder if it’s you, or if other people are just quietly mumbling. If you realize it’s your hearing, you wonder what will come next… and what you can do about…

what does an audiologist do

What Does an Audiologist Do? Everything You Need to Know

There seems to be a specialist for each body part, age-group, and issue. With so many specialists, how do you know who to visit? If you’re having a hearing-related issue, an Audiologist is likely the best specialist to address your…

Ear tubes for adults

How to Know if an Adult Ear Tube Placement Can Help You

When we think about someone getting tubes in their ears, we typically picture a toddler who can’t shake their constant ear infections. But needing tubes in the ears happens for adults, too. While it’s less frequent than child procedures, adults…

what does ENT do first appointment

What Does An ENT Do At Your First Appointment?

We all know an ENT deals with the ears, nose, and throat — but what do they actually do about the problems we’re experiencing? When you’re referred to a specialist, it can be a struggle to set the right expectations.…

pediatric myringotomy

The Parents’ Guide to Pediatric Myringotomy (Ear Tubes)

Only a parent who’s dealt with a child struggling with ear pain fully understands the significance of a promise of relief. The constant ear infections, discomfort, and sleepless nights leaves you looking at any and every solution that might alleviate…


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