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How to Tell if Your Tooth Extraction is Causing Your Sinus Problem

Recovering from a tooth extraction is quite a process. You have to carefully navigate what to eat, how to drink, and how much activity you should do as you allow your body to heal. But you also may need to…

what does ENT do first appointment

What Does An ENT Do At Your First Appointment?

We all know an ENT deals with the ears, nose, and throat — but what do they actually do about the problems we’re experiencing? When you’re referred to a specialist, it can be a struggle to set the right expectations.…

balloon sinuplasty cost with insurance

What Does a Balloon Sinuplasty Cost With & Without Insurance?

At ENT Associates of Lubbock, we never rush a surgical procedure. If you’re at the point of needing a balloon sinuplasty, it implies your ENT has maximized medication treatment options. At this point, the alternative treatment options are worse than…

septoplasty and rhinoplasty together

Ask a Surgeon: Should I Get Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty Together?

Some things work better in pairs: Peanut Butter and JellyWoody and BuzzR2-D2 and C-3POMario and LuigiMac and CheeseFred and George Weasley But what about Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty?  In many cases, yes! Septoplasty and rhinoplasty can complement each other extremely well. Septoplasty…

How Does a Balloon Sinuplasty Work? Your Top Questions Answered

You’ve had one sinus infection too many. In fact, you’ve probably had 10 sinus infections too many. You’re considering balloon sinuplasty as a treatment option, but you still have a few questions.  For one, does balloon sinuplasty actually work?  Yes. …

What You Need to Know About Balloon Sinuplasty: Risks, Recovery & Side Effects

Sinus issues are the last problem you want to worry about these days. You have infections that won’t go away (or keep coming back!) and it’s interrupting your life. You’ve tried allergy medications, antibiotics, and pain relievers, but nothing seems…


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